Workers' Comp Coverage for Non-Profit Organizations

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Workers' Compensation Codes Related to Not-For-Profit Organizations

Employees are grouped into classification codes based on their job duties and work functions. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) currently utilizes nearly 800 class codes to help insurance companies and agents categorize employees for rating purposes. Insurance companies set a base manual rate for each class code in order to begin pricing a policy.

Properly classifying workers is an important part of the quote process. Mis-classified employees can cost small businesses thousands of dollars. You could end up paying too much for coverage or owing more money after an annual audit.

Non-Profit Insurance Workers' Compensation

Class Code 8864
Counseling and Family Services

Social Services Organizations will often provide social services to mentally, physically, or emotionally challenged individuals. Services may extend for troubled youth, abuse, drug related activities and more. The types of services provided may include meals, counseling, case management, education, employment, training, and some limited medical services.

Some counseling services will also fall under class code 8742. These services often include daily travel and consultative services such as adoption services, foster care placement, community outreach and social workers.

Class Code 8842
Residential Care Facilities

Residential care facilities represents a significant portion of the non-profit labor force. These facilities may include group homes, children's homes orphanages, foster homes, intermediate care facilities and homes for intellectual or physical disabilities. These organizations primarily focus on room, board, protective supervision and counseling. Health care and medical treatment is not the primary focus of these facilities

Class Code 8833
Charitable Organization- Physical

Class code 8833 applies to both private and public hospitals. However, this class code also applies to non-profit and social services related to mental health and substance abuse. Alcohol rehabilitation, drug addiction treatment, mental health facilities and some residential group homes will fall under this wc code. Convalescent and nursing homes may also fall under this classification when operated by a hospital. Not-for-profit blood and organ banks also belong under this classification

Class Code 9063
Community Centers

Community center typically apply to youth clubs that operate in a similar fashion to a YMCA. These non-profits provide social and educational programs and other activities. Youth service organizations, youth mentoring and Boys and Girls Clubs are examples of organizations that fall under the code.

Alternative State Class Codes for Non-Profit Organizations:

Sometimes a state will deviate from the industry class code recommended by NCCI. Instead of the NCCI code, they may require the utilization of a state specific class code for certain business segments.

Related: non-profit, charitable and welfare organizations, social service centers, special needs, group homes, food pantry, soup kitchen, shelter, rescue mission, independent supportive living, juvenile detention centers, home for the abused, mental health facilities, respite services, counseling services, family welfare services, self-help organizations, youth centers, suicide crisis counseling, telephone counseling charities, volunteers, United Way, Salvation Army, YMCA, YWCA, YMHA, YWHA, Meals on Wheels, Red Cross, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, Goodwill.


licensed throughout the United States

How Does Workers' Comp Work?

Workers' comp coverage protects employees when injured. It makes good financial sense for both parties.

Injuries and accidents happen. A workers’ comp policy is a no-fault system that pays for these accidents and claims. It’s required by law in most states.

Coverage does not protect employers from everything. Sometimes employees and employers can be negligent.

In some instances, workers’ compensation coverage will not protect employers or employees from the legal liability resulting from a workplace injury.

How Much Does Non-Profit Insurance Cost?

The average rate our customers pay for workers’ compensation under the non-profit class code is around $1.12 per $100 of payroll. The average cost for a general liability insurance policy is about $1,200.00.

  • Work Comp is priced based on payroll and the number of volunteers
  • Your state and EMR Rating will affect your cost
  • The type of social service work can modify rates
  • Premium discounts and policy credits may apply
  • L rates for non-profits are based on revenue (rated per $1000)
  • Gross revenue may affect pricing
  • The type of services matters to underwriters
  • Prior clams and years in business affect pricing
  • SIC codes vary by organization
  • D&O rates for are based on financial data and number of directors
  • Gross revenue may affect pricing
  • Security and sensitive data matters to underwriters
  • Prior clams and years in business affect pricing

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