Workers' Comp Coverage for Heating & Cooling Contractors

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Workers' Compensation Class Codes Related to HVAC

Employees are grouped into classification codes based on what they do for their job. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) currently utilizes nearly 800 class codes to help insurance companies categorize employees. Insurance companies create a manual rate for each class code in order to price a policy.

Properly classifying workers is an important part of the quote process. Mis-classified employers may end up paying too much for coverage or owing too much after an audit.

HVAC Liability Insurance | Workers' Compensation

Class Code 5537
HVAC Contractors

Businesses primarily engaged in providing residential and commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration system installation, service or repair. Services often include work on forced air furnaces, ac systems and evaporating cooling systems. HVAC class code 5537 is generally considered an all-inclusive class of business because it also includes related functions such as wiring and sheet metal work associated with HVAC. Aside from clerical and sales, most employees' entire payroll will fall under this class code.

Companies that only provide duct cleaning would fall under a separate class code- 9014. Businesses that work on portable air conditioning units would be classified under class code 9519- AC Systems- Portable Units.

Alternative State Class Codes for HVAC:

Many states often use special class codes, other than the class codes recommended by NCCI, for certain industries.

Synonyms: HVAC installation, heating and cooling contractor, ventilation and air conditioning repair, ac installer, refrigeration systems.


licensed throughout the United States

How Does Workers' Comp Work?

Workers' comp coverage protects employees when injured. It makes good financial sense for both parties.

Injuries and accidents happen. A workers’ comp policy is a no-fault system that pays for these accidents and claims. It’s required by law in most states.

Coverage does not protect employers from everything. Sometimes employees and employers can be negligent.

In some instances, workers’ compensation coverage will not protect employers or employees from the legal liability resulting from a workplace injury.

Lower Your HVAC Insurance Costs

The cost of business insurance has been increasing for HVAC Contractors. General liability and workers’ comp insurance have been the major cause of the increase in the cost of coverage. We’ve partnered with our insurance companies to provide more affordable commercial insurance packages for our customers. Ask about our package insurance options for contractors:

Not all lines of insurance coverage or all class codes will be available in all states. Contact one of our workers’ comp Specialists for program details on general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

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