Workers' Comp Coverage for Excavation Contractors

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Workers' Compensation Class Codes Related to Excavation & Grading Work

Employees are grouped into classification codes based on what they do for their job. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) currently utilizes nearly 800 class codes to help insurance companies categorize employees. Insurance companies create a manual rate for each class code in order to price a policy.

Properly classifying workers is an important part of the quote process. Mis-classified employers may end up paying too much for coverage or owing too much after an audit.

Excavation Contractors Insurance Workers' Compensation

Class Code 6217
Excavation and Grading Work

Businesses primarily engaged in site preparation, land clearing and earth moving activities. Services often include the demolition of buildings and other structures. Site preparation for homes, buildings, airports, swimming pools and roads are common under this class code. Rock excavation and land grading in conjunction with street or road construction apply to class code 6217. Excavation includes burrowing and backfilling dirt and debris.

Pond and lake construction and ditch digging are also included in this business class. Companies who primarily engage in tree removal should be separately rated under class code 2702. This includes work related to clearing of right-of-ways. Tree removal done by contractors who specialize in tree service and trimming would fall under class code 0106- Tree Trimming.

Alternative State Class Codes for Excavation:

Sometimes a state will deviate from the industry class code recommended by NCCI. Instead of the NCCI code, they may require the utilization of a state specific class code for certain business segments.

Synonyms: excavator, excavating, excavation, land clearing, land grading, site preparation contractors.


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How Does Workers' Comp Work?

Workers' comp coverage protects employees when injured. It makes good financial sense for both parties.

Injuries and accidents happen. A workers’ comp policy is a no-fault system that pays for these accidents and claims. It’s required by law in most states.

Coverage does not protect employers from everything. Sometimes employees and employers can be negligent.

In some instances, workers’ compensation coverage will not protect employers or employees from the legal liability resulting from a workplace injury.

How Much Does Excavation Insurance Cost?

The average rate our customers pay for workers’ compensation under the excavation class code is around $5.25 per $100 of payroll. The average cost for a general liability insurance policy is about $1,750.00.
  • Work Comp is priced based on payroll
  • Your state and Emod will affect your cost
  • The type of excavation work can modify rates
  • Premium discounts and policy credits may apply
  • GL rates for excavators are based on payroll (rated per $1000)
  • Gross revenue may affect pricing
  • Equipment used and digging depth matter to underwriters
  • Prior clams and years in business affect pricing
  • Excavation SIC code-1794; ISO code-94007

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